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Parliamentarians of Metro New York, Inc., a unit of the National Association of Parliamentarians, offers a wide range of professional parliamentary procedure services to private and non-profits/charitable corporations, trade and homeowners associations, and governmental agencies.


Our services are designed to help our clients solve challenging organizational problems and increase their knowledge of parliamentary procedure by serving as Meeting Trainer/Consultant, Board of Directors Trainer/Consultant, Professional Parliamentarian and Presiding Officer.


As a meeting trainer/consultant, we can advise and facilitate training for your organization, and its individual members on the proper application of parliamentary procedure to ensure your business meetings are conducted in a orderly manner. 


Our workshops are conducted via lecture, hypothetical scenarios, and practical application, which has been very successful with groups composed of members with a varying level of proficiency with parliamentary procedure.


As a board of director trainer/consultant, we can advise and facilitate training for small or large boards to ensure your officers are effective in honoring their duty of care and loyalty thereby mitigating risk to your organization.  In addition, we can advise and facilitate training for your presiding officers to ensure your meetings are conducting with purpose, equity, order and decorum.


As a Professional Parliamentarian, we can assist your organization develop effective strategies to assure that your convention, membership meeting, board meeting, or stockholder meeting is conducted in an efficient manner.​


As a Meeting Parliamentarian, we can assist the organization in any of the following ways:

  • Bylaws Consultant

  • Bylaws Amendment or Revision

  • Advisor to the Officers and Board of Directors

  • Opinion Writing

  • Election Supervision

  • Strategic Problem Solving Consultant

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Our training requires a minimum of two (2) hours, but can be modified to half or full day training upon request.  You are always welcome to contact us if you have a need not addressed here or a question regarding our services.

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